Threshold Copper Whale


In 2012 the store received 13" of water when the tide inundated Bowen's wharf during superstorm Sandy.  We needed to remodel the whole store and my door threshold needed replacing.  The carpenter suggested I cover the wood with something such as a sheet of copper, so rather than something simple, I thought what a better representation for a scrimshaw store than a sperm whale.

I work with construction grade copper sheathing and cut out the whale by hand.  There are over 75 nail punches for the copper brads, included.  I then hammer out the entire surface with a specially shaped hand hammer, on an average there are 1000 strikes to cover the surface.  There is no coating on the copper, you can see in the pictures she starts out bright and shinny and will develop a beautiful patina with age.

Fits most average door thresholds.  30" x 6 3/4"