Portrait of Ida Lewis Ancient Walrus Ivory


Ancient Walrus ivory Eskimo Artifact with scrimshaw by David Smith.  David uses the Stipple technique with his scrimshaw, creating a photographic look to his artwork. Mounted on Rosewood and ivory base.

Ida Lewis (February 25, 1842 - October 25, 1911) was lauded as a hero in the 19th and 20th century for her many rescues in the Atlantic Ocean off the shore in Newport, Rhode Island. From her own time and for generations after, she was often featured as a strong role model for American girls.  

Ida Lewis was first brought to the Lime Rock Lighthouse in 1854 when her father was made lighthouse keeper there. He became disabled by a stroke only a few months later, but his wife and his children kept up the work. The lighthouse was inaccessible by land, so Ida learned early to swim and to row a boat. It was her job to row her three younger siblings to land to attend school daily.

9" x 4"