Octarine Sand Art


The 8 sided Octarine has a conforming stainless steel frame and a slight base. Absolutely artistic and modern. Very distinguished art for the desk top. The Octarine is a highlight piece of the KB Collection Sand Art family.

The Octarine is a smooth, lacquered black wood with side poles that conform to the frame to allow the sandpicture to easily swivel. Prominent sand colors are cherry red, gold, white and ash. This is a bold sandblend that reminds me of Colorado Rhodochrosite. The Octarine is part of our masterpiece collection.

Klaus Bosch’s KB Collection (formerly Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures) are interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile art pieces. Put them on your desk and watch them evolve differently with every turn.

Klaus makes his KB Collection Sand Art art in Lustenau, Austria. Each piece is hand crafted with love and attention to detail. Turn the sandpicture over to watch the battle of the elements. The sand wants to fall to the bottom and settle. The air wants to rise to the top and escape. The water hosts the party. The result is the sand trickles between the air bubbles to create fascinating mountains, valleys and dunes.

A slower flow of sand will result in a trickle of sand making more dramatic peaks and valleys. A faster flow of sand will make sand dune shapes. Best of all is you can control the amount of air in your and picture with the included injector.

Dimensions: 13-4/5" x 15-3/5" x 4-2/3″