Center Scrimshaw Tie Bar


These tie bars are gold plated over brass with mammoth and walrus ivory inlays, and featuring scrimshaw done by artist Brian Kiracofe.

Tie bar dimensions:  1.3 cm x 5.4 cm

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The practice of scrimshaw began on whaling ships when the crew members were out at sea for unbearably long periods of time. They would engrave onto the whale’s teeth to pass the time. Our owner and resident artist, Brian Kiracofe, uses his scrimshaw skills to create the beautiful designs on each scrimshaw tie bar, along with many other pieces. Brian etches each design by hand into the bone or ivory on each tie bar and then uses ink to complete the design. As a reference to the origin of scrimshaw, Brian’s art features many nautical designs, but he can recreate almost any design you can think of! Choose from our many designs to stick in your pocket for when you need it, or even to add it to your collection.


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