Scrimshaw Cuff Links – Mammoth Ivory


These cuff links feature scrimshaw by our owner and resident artist, Brian Kiracofe. Brian etches his nautical designs onto woolly mammoth ivory for this product which is then set in gold or silver plated brass. Choose from several designs and a gold plated or silver plated setting. Please note that the setting in the photo may not match the setting you select as we do not have pictures of every combination, but you will receive the correct selection of design and setting.


Our owner, Brian Kiracofe, creates many nautical and Newport themed designs. These designs are a reference to the origin of scrimshaw. The art of scrimshaw began on whaling ships where the crew would etch designs onto whale teeth to pass the time. Although Brian’s designs are mainly nautical, he can create pretty much any design you can think of. To order a custom design, please call us at 401.849.5680 or email us at

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Rose Island, Free Mason, Compass, Castle Hill, Lighthouse


Gold Plated, Silver Plated

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