Polymer Wine Stopper


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This beautiful stainless steel wine stopper is crafted with a circular handle topped with a polymer reproduction featuring artwork by Brian Kiracofe. Additionally, the stopper holds the wine cork for a very one of a kind look. The stopper is a hard black rubber designed to fit securely in all standard wine bottles to keep air out and freshness in.

Makes the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life! If interested in a custom design, please contact us directly!

1 x 3 1/2″


The practice of scrimshaw began on whaling ships when the crew members were out at sea for unbearably long voyages. They would engrave onto the whale’s teeth to pass the time. Our owner and resident artist, Brian Kiracofe, uses his scrimshaw skills to create the beautiful designs on each of our many authentic scrimshaw pieces. For our polymer reproductions, such as our wine stoppers, we take a mold of Brian’s hand-etched designs and reproduce it on a polymer resin. This allows us to appreciate the art without the price of ivory. As a reference to the origin of scrimshaw, Brian’s art features many nautical designs, but he can recreate almost any design you can think of! Choose from our many designs to add to your bar or kitchen!

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Tall Ship, Skull, Compass, Bowen's Wharf, Schooner


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