Beaver Tagua Nut Carving


Beautify your home décor with a unique, hand-carved beaver tagua nut carving! This piece of exquisite artistry is perfect for any wall or shelf in your home. The intricate beaver carving is taken from the tagua nut, a tree that's indigenous to South America. Each craft is individually crafted, giving each carving its own special character and charm. The intricate, detailed design brings an extra dimension of character and texture to this magnificent and eye-catching creation. Not just stunningly beautiful, this amazing piece of artwork is sure to make an admirable conversation piece for all your friends. Show off your creative side and shop our beaver tagua nut carving today!

This realistic Beaver was hand carved from a single Tagua nut by a master carver in Bali.
Tagua nuts are a South American Palm nut. They are also known as vegetable ivory because they have properties similar to and are able to be worked in a manner similar to ivory.

*Design may vary slightly due to being hand carved*

Approx: 2.5" X 1.5" X 1"