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Mens Items

Classic is the word for our handcrafted tie bars, tie clips, tie tacks, and elegant blazer buttons. These timeless designs add a distinctive note to any wardrobe.

Our tiebars are available in steel, sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, and brass. Our tie tacks are drilled and set with a gold-filled stick and chain-type clutch. Blazer buttons set in a brass bezel also are available in precious metal settings.

Our beautifully carved or engraved bolo ties are handcrafted from ivory or deer antler. The brass belt buckles are fashioned with engraved ivory and exotic hardwoods. Each is signed by the scrimshaw artist.

Among the many designs available are marine and wildlife scenes. Nautical motifs from the whaling era

are a specialty.

Our handcrafted ivory cufflinks feature simple but distinctive bezel settings of sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, or brass.

Most of our money clips are made from spring steel. Others are handmade from brass, featuring exotic hardwoods and semiprecious stones. All have beautiful scrimshaw scenes ranging from nautical to wildlife to insignias.

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