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Wedding Favors

Many gift ideas between $25 and $75.

Brides and Bridesmaids Gifts

For the ladies, choose from a selection of scrimshaw earrings, bracelets, and pendents.

A pendant or earrings from our popular Nantucket basket jewelry line is a gift any bridesmaid or bride would treasure. Handcrafted from pewter, 14kt gold, sterling silver, or hand-carved wooly mammoth ivory, these baskets are a work of intricate design. A scrimshaw plaque adorns the top of these lidded miniatures, and a tiny penny is tucked inside for good luck.

Send your bridesmaids home with the romance of Gilded Age Newport by giving a gift from our Victorian vanity collection. All gift items are silver plate and embellished with antique piano key ivory, and scrimshaw of your choice. We suggest a pocket mirror (a necessity for every women’s purse) or a jewelry box to add a touch of elegance to your bridesmaid’s vanity.

Grooms and Groomsmen Gifts

You’ll find a selection of men’s jewelry and accessories to suit a variety of men’s tastes at the Newport Scrimshander. For the sophisticated gentlemen we offer scrimshaw cufflinks, tuxedo studs, tie tacs, and tie clips; For the casual male consider a scrimshaw belt buckle
w/ canvas belt or a money clip for everyday use.

Scrimshaw knives are our most popular men’s gift. We offer several styles of pocket, hunting, and sailing knives for the weekend warrior.

Additional Wedding Party Gifts

Don’t know what to get your parents? Your readers? Your wedding planner?

How about a special gift for the home from the Newport Scrimshander. Our scrimshaw bar accessories (wine stoppers, coaster sets, corckscrews, Nantucket basket wine coasters & coolers) make fine gifts. A gift for the home office is both attractive and useful.

Our rustic wooden boxes, topped with scrimshaw, come in a variety of sizes to hold pens, paper clips, stamps, and rubber bands, while our handsome letter openers feature scrimshaw with wood or solid brass handles.

Also available are scrimshaw cribbage boards, domino sets, ships in the bottle, scrimshaw presentation pieces, and authentic Nantucket baskets.

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