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Custom Orders

Custom designs can be engraved on any piece of ivory in our catalog. All we need is a good quality, close-up photograph, illustration, or business card of what you would like engraved.

Popular choices for custom designs include initials, boats, pets, and corporate logos. These designs can be engraved onto pendants, brooches, belt buckles, blazer buttons, tie tacks, tie bars, and professional name pins. Create a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or give a gift that truly means something special.

Our attractive boxes come in both men’s and women’s styles. The sizes range from large jewelry boxes to smaller “secret boxes” for the safekeeping of personal items.

Throughout our collection of finely handcrafted boxes, we feature techniques such as dovetailed construction and detailed inlay with exotic hardwoods such as teak, Brazilian kingwood, ebony, walnut, and cherry. Each lid is mounted with either a beautifully scrimshawed plaque or a handcarved ivory design.

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