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Corporate Gifts

We have satisfied many corporate customers over the years with personalized scrimshaw gifts. Some of our most popular gift items have been letter openers, key chains and wooden stamp boxes. We can offer you the option of each gift being a hand engraved, signed original scrimshaw on ivory or we have the capability of making a polymer reproduction from the original and making many copies. This process, of course, will lower the price of each item to fit most any budget.

Some of our more memorable clients was a nuclear technology company that had us engrave an original scene of their conference location, make 150 reproduction letter openers, and then have us hand personalize each one with the recipients monogram as they made their way through the conference. And just recently, we make 50 wooden boxes with original scrimshaw on the top for a conference of the United States Senate and the Canadian Parliament held in Newport.

Whether your conference is only a few people or a few hundred, consider having us at Scrimshanders personalize your corporate gift.

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